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Refugees are individuals who have been forced from their home due to violence, disease or religious persecution in their home country. Most recently, the majority of refugees resettling in the US have come from the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as other East and West African nations. Some Southeast Asian nations such as Burma (Myanmar) have produced many refugees also due to political violence and civil reference. Finally, Syria, Iraq and other nations in the Middle East have hemorrhaged with refugees over the past decade. To read more about the refugee process, check out one of our recent blogs on Malek’s journey from the Syria to the US.

They receive legal status the day they arrived because they’ve already been vetted by homeland security. We also run background checks and E-verify to ensure we are employing only those legal to work in the US.

Yes, but many refugees have been studying English for a long time or have lived in the US long enough to pick up the language. We will only place those with your company that have a level of English that is proficient enough to do their job.

It can be a challenge at times, but most of the refugees in our pipeline have a driver’s license and reliable transportation. We’ve become experts at navigating around transportation issues to match you with the right client.

Working with a staffing agency allows a company to minimize risk while filling labor gaps so they can meet the demand for their product or service. We provide our client’s with dependable employees from the refugee workforce. We recruit and vet each applicant, including e-verify and background checks, to ensure we place the best candidates for each open position. We are the best kept secret for the American economy and offer two different service models for our clients:

We provide staffing services to companies across many industries including, but not limited to: light industrial, hospitality, and construction. Feel free to contact us about your specific industry, and we’ll be happy to determine whether or not we can meet your needs.

Breaking Barriers currently serves Western New York, with a focus on key areas such as Buffalo, Rochester, Jamestown, Batavia, and Niagara Falls. Contact us today to get started.

By definition, a refugee is “a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster“. Most refugees currently living in America are from South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Many of them have graduated from higher education and possess relevant professional experience but are largely underrepresented in the job marketplace.

All refugees are considered legal U.S. residents upon arrival. Each individual or family goes through a stringent screening process that includes numerous interviews with the United Nations. We perform background checks and use E-verify to confirm the legitimacy of each employee. Many refugees from the Middle East fought alongside American troops in combat or aided American forces in some capacity.

We cover insurance and payroll expenses for each employee, taking on the risk of every employee placed at your factory. We cover these costs by charging a bill rate over and above the expected wage rate for the employee, according to their specific type of work.

We’ll handle all payroll services and send you a weekly invoice. You’ll never have to waste time with an unemployment lawyer or workers comp insurance agent. Well worth your investment!

The best situation, for all parties involved, is to place permanent talent with your company. You’ll never want to let them go!

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